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Cash flow solutions from Hilton-Baird

Irrespective of your sector and turnover, a healthy cash flow is an absolute necessity for any business to fulfil its potential. Just imagine what could be achieved if your customers paid on time and cash flowed freely within your business.

The Hilton-Baird Group makes this vision a reality. Comprising a commercial finance brokerage and debt collection agency, we are proven at introducing the most appropriate cash flow solutions to businesses of any shape or size.

Find out how we could help yours...

Solutions to improve your cash flow

Solutions to improve your cash flow, provided by the Hilton-Baird Group.
Fund your future

At Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions we recognise that every business is different and has its own unique funding requirements. As an independent broker that specialises in asset based finance, our access to a wide range of solutions and funders allows us to introduce facilities which best match your current needs as well as longer term objectives.

Get paid faster

Late payments are a constant thorn in the sides of businesses of all sizes, but it needn’t be this way. Rather than spending your valuable time chasing overdue payments, outsourcing the responsibility to Hilton-Baird Collection Services, with its team of dedicated debt recovery specialists, could be the answer. Specialising in one-off debt recovery and ongoing credit control, Hilton-Baird will allow you to go back to focusing on what you do best: growing your business.

Business Finance Blog

8 ways to finance business growth


In the past many businesses turned to bank loans for a cash flow boost. But, with so many funding products to choose from, it isn’t always the first – or most suitable – option for growing businesses today.

One example is how the asset finance market has reported two years of consecutive monthly growth, as more and more businesses realise the benefits of utilising specialist forms of business funding when going for growth.

And this infographic shows there are so many more ways businesses can fund their expansion.

Counting the cost of payroll mistakes


Whether it’s because changes in salary weren’t communicated in time, bonuses, commissions or holiday pay weren’t calculated correctly - or maybe even an extra zero was accidently inserted - there are a number of reasons payroll mistakes can occur.

But businesses are counting the costs of these errors, with the average FTSE 100 company spending between £10 million and £30 million per year as a result of payroll mistakes, according to new research.

How will the national living wage impact your business?


From April 2016, workers over the age of 25 will be entitled to a national living wage (NLW) of £7.20 an hour, rising to £9 an hour by 2020.

And, with time running out for businesses to prepare for the change, everyone is talking about the impact the NLW will have. But how will it affect you and your business?

Here we look at the results of two major surveys to see how British SMEs plan to tackle the introduction of the NLW.

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