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Hilton-Baird’s business finance blog has been established to deliver up-to-date and extensive finance articles to keep you abreast of economic and industry specific business news, as well as further issues concerning SMEs and corporate businesses, throughout the UK.

6 debt collection myths dispelled


A worrying 56% of businesses wrote off more than 1% of their turnover as uncollectable in 2013 alone, according to our research, a problem that could have been reduced if businesses were to seek the help of debt collection agencies. But unfortunately age-old myths about debt collection services exist, scaring many away from using their services .

Here we tackle 6 debt collection myths and show that, by employing the right debt collection agency, you could still get back what you’re owed.

6 ways to stop holidays delaying payment


One of the most common late payment excuses we hear during the summer months is “my director is on holiday”. But there’s no reason a few weeks in the sun should impact on your business being paid. Here are 6 ways to stop customer holidays delaying payment.

One in three SMEs reluctant to chase bad debt


One in three SMEs are reluctant to chase debt owed to them by a customer according to a new survey. But with 85% of businesses reportedly suffering with late payment issues, why are they shying away from getting what they are owed?

Medium-sized firms owed £3.7m each


Britain's medium-sized firms are owed an average of £3.7m in trade debt according to new figures which suggest that, despite the economic upturn, the impact of late payment on UK businesses of all sizes remains severe.

Welcoming back our award-winner


As the distressing culture of late payment prevails, Hilton-Baird Collection Services is thrilled to announce the return of our award-winning Senior Collections Advisor, Peter Hepburn.

Late payment inquiry increases heat on large firms


Large businesses could soon have to disclose how long they take to pay their suppliers following a cross-party Parliamentary inquiry into the deep-rooted problems with late payment – one of 11 proposals they believe would dramatically improve payment performance in the UK.

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