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Import finance assists with the importing of goods
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Import Finance

Import Finance

What is import finance?

The delays and complications associated with trading overseas can be a great burden on an importer’s cash flow. Import finance specialises in overcoming these challenges, leaving working capital free to invest into growing the business.

There are traditionally four distinct methods of paying for overseas goods and raw materials: advance payments, letters of credit, documentary collection and open account trading, with each one carrying its own cash flow benefits.

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What are the benefits of import finance?

  • Import finance can be tailored to meet each business’ funding needs.
  • The importing process is made more efficient to avoid any unnecessary delays through the various trade finance services available to your business.
  • Such facilities are specifically designed for the UK import market, bringing expertise and specialist support to help your cash flow.

Is import finance right for my business?

Because of the variety of international finance services available to help importers maintain a healthy cash flow when importing goods, it is important that firms select the right facility from the right lender to ensure your business’ funding needs are met.

With extensive experience in import finance solutions as the UK’s leading invoice finance broker, Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions can identify which funding solution best fits your business’ funding needs.

To find out more about how import finance can help your business, please call 0800 9774833 or email today. Alternatively, get an invoice finance quote.

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