Supply chain finance improves the efficiency of supply chains
Invoice finance broker Hilton-Baird helps protect cash flow through supply chain finance
Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance

What is supply chain finance?

Any setback at the top of the supply chain can result in every subsequent stage being delayed, damaging the cash flow of each business along the way. Provided by financial institutions or third party vendors supply chain finance releases capital to boost each supplier’s cash flow, allowing them to work efficiently and punctually.

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What are the benefits of supply chain finance?

  • Supply chain finance is a form of invoice finance that aids your budgeting as you will know when each stage should be complete.
  • Supply chain finance protects your business’ cash flow, keeping working capital free to reinvest into other business opportunities.
  • By giving your suppliers access to earlier payments, their trust and loyalty to your company will be sustained.
  • Supply chain finance could attract other suppliers, potentially leading to better offers as they compete for your custom.

Is supply chain finance right for my business?

It can be difficult to decide whether supply chain finance is best for your business with such a range of international finance solutions on the market, but Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions can introduce you to the most appropriate funding solution.

As the UK’s leading independent invoice finance broker with access to over 70 lenders and invoice finance companies, Hilton-Baird will assess the market to find the cash flow solution to suit your company’s individual cash flow needs.

Please call 0800 9774833 or email to find out more about the international finance and invoice finance solutions available for your business.

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