Non-recourse invoice discounting provides bad debt protection
Hilton-Baird team reviews non-recourse invoice discounting facilities
Non-Recourse Invoice Discounting

Non-Recourse Invoice Discounting

What is non-recourse invoice discounting?

Non-recourse invoice discounting releases cash against your accounts receivable within 24 hours of issuing invoices, releasing working capital required for day-to-day activities and business expansion.

What makes non-recourse invoice discounting different from other invoice discounting solutions is that the invoice finance company additionally provides bad debt protection to safeguard your business against the late payment of debts.

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What are the benefits of non-recourse invoice discounting?

  • Non-recourse invoice discounting protects your business from late or non-payment, either through insolvency or protracted default.
  • It is possible to access up to 90% of the sales ledger value through the majority of invoice finance solutions, and non-recourse invoice discounting is no different.
  • As with other invoice discounting solutions, your business retains control of its sales ledger management, allowing you to manage client relationships.
  • Funding against invoices eradicates the cash flow problems associated with trading on credit terms.
  • Bad debt protection means the invoice discounting company will manage your policy on your behalf, while you avoid the need to pay the 5% insurance premium tax due on credit insurance as a separate facility.

Is non-recourse invoice discounting right for my business?

Whilst the increased risk for the non-recourse invoice discounting provider means that its cost is typically higher than conventional invoice discounting, this cost is often nominal when compared to the cost of potential bad debts, which would be damaging to any business’ cash flow.

As the UK’s leading invoice discounting broker, Hilton-Baird specialises in matching businesses’ cash flow requirements with the most suitable funding solutions.

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