What are the advantages of invoice discounting?
There are many advantages of invoice discounting
Advantages of Invoice Discounting

Advantages of Invoice Discounting

What are the advantages of invoice discounting?

Invoice discounting is a flexible form of invoice finance, which allows you to access up to 90% of your sales ledger value within 24 hours.

With a range of solutions available, there are many advantages of invoice discounting.

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Unlike other invoice finance solutions, invoice discounting releases working capital against your debtors whilst you retain control of your sales ledger collection, while it enables you to gain access to a higher level of funding as your sales ledger grows.

An invoice discounting facility can be provided on a confidential basis so that your customers are unaware of the invoice finance company’s involvement, thus maintaining your customer relationships.

Another of the advantages of invoice discounting is the option of making it non-recourse, which refers to the addition of bad debt protection in order to safeguard your business against the late payment of debts.

What is the right invoice discounting solution for me?

While there are a range of invoice discounting solutions available, it is important to fully explore all options to ensure the facility you opt for is going to be the right one for your business.

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